Miami Beach Dems Protest Inhumane Conditions at Lights for Liberty in Homestead

On Friday, July 12, 2019, at hundreds of locations across the United States, people gathered at Lights for Liberty demonstrations to protest the outrageous, inhumane conditions people are experiencing in detention camps run by the Trump administration.


Members of the Miami Beach Democratic Club, organized by the Program Committee, traveled together to the Homestead Child Detention Center in Homestead, Florida to protest the Trump administration’s family separation policies, the grotesque human rights violations that we are hearing about in border patrol facilities at other locations, and to call for a return to basic human rights in our treatment of those who are seeking a better life for themselves and their children.

More than 50 people RSVP’ed to go to the Homestead protest through the Miami Beach Dems’ website, and the Hotel Gaythering generously agreed to provide a van and a driver for 15 people through their shuttle service. We thank the Gaythering for going above and beyond in these times. 


The Miami Herald covered the protest, saying “The children held at the detention center undergo “prison-like” regimens and may have sustained psychological damage from being away from their families, according to a May court filing by lawyers who visited the center. The filing details a daily routine that prohibits hugging and touching among housed children. Showers are limited to five minutes, and meals are 15 minutes, the filing states.”


Excerpts of the court filings were projected on the fencing that borders the facility on Friday.






Couldn’t make it to this protest but still want to do something to end the horrors of this administration? There are lots of ways to get involved, and we are working everyday to make sure Florida fires Trump and his enablers on November 3, 2020.

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