Get Involved

There are lots of ways you can get involved to help us build grassroots power in Miami Beach and beyond! Here are just some of the things you can do:

  • Become a member: Becoming a member of the Miami Beach Democratic Club enables you to vote on resolutions and in club elections, and to run for club office. In short, it gives you a voice in shaping the club's future! Dues are just $25 for the year and payable by cash, check, or credit card at one of our meeting or events, or pay by credit card through our website.
  • Become a building or neighborhood organizer: If you want to help TURN FLORIDA BLUE in 2020, sign up to become a neighborhood or building organizerThese are trained, committed volunteers who make contact with Democrats in their neighborhood or building to make sure they're energized and ready to vote! Organizers are expected to volunteer at least six hours a month making phone calls, knocking on doors, attending community events, and registering voters.
  • Join a club committee: You can also join any of the following committees:
    • Campaign: This committee works to involve candidates and elected officials in club events. Email Matthew Land at for more.
    • Communications: This committee manages the club's email and social media channels. Email Christopher Richmond at for more.
    • Credentials: This committee helps oversee the club's neighborhood organizing program. Email Gavin Johnson at for more.
    • Data: This committee analyzes election results on Miami Beach to help us effectively target future efforts to register and mobilize voters. Email Tony Pierre at for more.
    • Fundraising: This committee helps raise money to support the club's programs. This committee is currently vacant—email Dan Royles at for more.
    • Outreach: This committee helps grow the club's membership and maintains good relationships with other local groups. Email Amanda Knapp at for more.
    • Program: This committee keeps track of local issues and organizes programming of interest to the club's membership. Email Bill Warren at for more.
    • Voter Registration: This committee organizes and leads voter registration events for the club. Email Tania Quintana at for more.