2024 Miami Beach Pride Parade

The 2024 Miami Beach Pride Parade is almost here - Sunday, April 14th. The Miami Beach Democratic Club is excited to participate in the parade again this year, as has been our tradition. For the 2nd year, our participants will march in the parade and will be accompanied by a convertible car. The car can accommodate a driver and 3 passengers. If there is anyone who is unable to physically walk in the parade, we can reserve a position in the car.


10AM-10:30AM - Participants meet in front of the Wolfsonian Museum (1001 Washington Ave.). Club member Stephanie Rios will advise participants of the line-up location, and they can proceed to that location (exact line-up is TBD). If participants are unable to meet at this time, please call me, Bill Warren, at 305-495-3472 to be given the location.

10:30AM-11:45AM - Participants should wait at the line-up location and prepare for the parade. There will be a selection of parade items including signs, umbrellas, stickers, beads, bandanas, and other trinkets to wear during the parade. There will also be light snacks and water. The day may be hot so please wear sun block and drink plenty of water.

12PM - Parade begins (starts at 5th street, proceeds on Ocean Drive, ends at 15th street)

The club has purchased 30 parade t-shirts. The t-shirts will be distributed to the first 30 participants who have responded to me with your requested size. Elected officials and candidates are welcome to wear their campaign t-shirts.


We are pleased that so many of our members and allies have agreed to sponsor our participation in the parade. To date, the following companies, elected officials, political candidates, and members have purchased Sponsorships to support the club’s entry:

Companies Platinum: Schlesinger Law Offices
Pop Squid MKG (Stephanie Rios)
Flamingo Terrance Enterprises, Inc (Linda Kolko)
Benefits Design Resources (Bill Warren)
Elected Officials and Candidates Lucia Baez-Geller, Miami-Dade School Board member and Democratic candidate for Congress (FL-27)
Alex Fernandez, Miami Beach Commissioner
Joe Saunders, Democratic candidate for Florida House District 106
Marisol Zenteno, Democratic candidate for Miami-Dade Property Appraiser
Annette Taddeo, Democratic candidate for Miami-Dade Clerk of the Court and Controller
John Barrow, Democratic candidate for Miami-Dade Sheriff
Susan Khoury, Democratic candidate for Miami-Dade Sheriff
Rickey Mitchell, Democratic candidate for Miami-Dade Sheriff
Members and Allies Gold: Flamingo Democrats, Kara Skorupa
Silver:  Jocelyn Thomsen, Melba Pearson, Amani Ayers, Karen Harris, Harvey Burstein, Michele Samaroo
Other: Steve Hawes, Gary Martinez, Luann DePodesta, Tim Johnson, Dennis Lennox, Amanda Knapp

You’ll learn more about our Sponsors in the coming days.

SPONSORS: Please send to my attention the names, email addresses, and t-shirt sizes of the individuals you have invited to participate in the parade as part of your sponsorship.

The Miami Beach Pride Parade released the Parade Rules which can be found below. Your participation is appreciated, and we are looking forward to a great day. If there are questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Bill Warren
Miami Beach Democratic Club


  1. Be nice to our volunteers. Parade volunteers are trained to provide your safety and ensure the success of the parade. You must listen to their instruction.
  2. MBP is a family event; please adhere to a decent public dress code.
  3. All state and local ordinances regarding nudity and obscenity will be strictly enforced. No indecent exposure of private body parts is allowed. Unless otherwise covered by appropriate shirts, shorts or pants, no see-through clothing, jockstraps, bras, panties, thongs, or chaps are allowed.
  4. All materials deemed offensive by MBP, in its sole discretion, will not be permitted to be sold or displayed at the parade or anywhere within the MBP event.
  5. All parade participants are expected to behave themselves in a civilized manner at all times.
  6. No alcohol is to be carried or consumed at the staging area or on the parade route.
  7. Do not throw anything at or into the crowd; no necklace, flyers or giveaways. You are welcome to hand out these items only to who wants to receive them.
  8. Do not throw anything on the pavement. You are responsible for cleaning after yourselves during staging and after.
  9. Children and pets in your group participating in the parade are your responsibility. Make sure to keep children and pets monitored and safe at all time. Pets must be accompanied and on the leash at all times.
  10. Contingents participating with vehicles MUST make sure to have a designated driver by the vehicle at all times. Vehicles without an available driver can be deemed abandoned and be might be towed away.
  11. Beware of moving vehicles. Stay at safe distance from moving vehicles during the parade.
  12. Group leaders for each contingent must be available at all times during staging.
  13. There will be no sharing of Parade Contingent Space under any circumstances.
  14. Everyone will have a time window to arrive with their float/vehicle/motorcycle. You must stick to this time to ensure easy flow the morning of event. Failure to do so you will be put in the back of the parade line.
  15. Beware of breaks on every intersection of Ocean drive for emergency escape or for spectators simply trying to cross.
  16. Grand Stand and Judging:
    • As you are arriving, the MC will announce your parade contingent.
    • Be prepared to wave at the crowd and smile. Do not completely stop here; you can slow down.
    • Scoring Criteria: A. Spirit of Pride; B. Creativity & originality of your entry; C. Engagement of the audience. D. Photo-finish (at 15th Street)
  17. The parade ends at 15th St and Ocean Drive. Do not exit the parade route prior to the end. It is not safe and it will automatically disqualify your organization from winning the award or next year entry.
  18. Once at 15th St:
    • The parade ends. Do not exit the parade route prior to the end as it will disqualify your organization from the award.
    • Walkers exit to the right (east towards the ocean)
    • Vehicles exit to the left (west towards Collins Ave). Please make sure you turn and move as forward as you can, stop and dismount your contingent. You will need to drive to your break down point. YOU CANNOT STAY ON 15TH St.
  19. Bring water, sunscreen, food, hats, and anything you will need while you’re in the sun.
  20. MBP will follow city Covid-19 mandates at the time of parade.


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