Executive Leadership

President: Matthew Land

Matthew Land

Matthew Land was elected President in June 2020 and previously served on the Board and as the Campaign Committee Chair. He is the Political Director for the Southeast Laborers’ District Council - a labor union representing construction workers - and has worked in politics for more than a dozen years including on campaigns as a volunteer, campaign manager, and finance director, and as a lobbyist for working family and progressive issues, both locally and statewide. Additionally, he is the President of the South Florida Chapter of Pride at Work, an AFL-CIO constituency group for LGBTQA union members and those LGBTQA workers that support the work of unions, a member of the City of Miami Beach’s Affordable Housing Advisory Committee which advises the City of Miami Beach Commission on issues related to affordable and workforce housing and a member of the Steering Committee for Miami Homes For All spending the last year working on a framework to address affordable housing issues throughout Miami-Dade County.

Vice President: Amanda Knapp

Amanda Knapp

Raised in a politically active family, I learned at an early age the importance of community involvement. When I moved from New York in 2011, I joined the Miami-Dade Young Democrats and served as the Director of Community Service and then was elected as the Secretary. I also assisted in starting the FIU College Democrats in 2011. Miami Beach is one of the most progressive and liberal cities in the United States, and I believe that we must align and work together to turn and keep Florida Blue. I was so happy to find out about the group last year and will continue to work hard to increase membership and voter registration, as our Outreach Chair and as a board member.

Secretary: Janet Silverman

I became politically active in 2008 volunteering on the Obama campaign. Like many Americans, I was truly inspired by President Obama and after a long, successful and all encompassing career in finance, I finally had some time to nurture this passion.  My values and beliefs align with the Democratic Party and I am committed to electing Democrats at all levels of government. Shortly after I moved to Miami Beach in 2015, I discovered our club and have been actively volunteering since. I enjoy meeting and working with people that share my values and determination to elect Democrats. I am honored to be serving on the Board and as Club Secretary to help further our shared goals.

Treasurer: Patrick Breshike

Patrick Breshike

I joined the Miami Beach Democratic leadership team to help do my part to flip more Miami elected officials blue. We are too susceptible to sea level rise and the Florida economy depends too much on clean waters and wild spaces to keep letting Republican politics pollute our state and waterways. I have lived in Miami since 2012 and look forward to helping activate more locals to get involved and shape Miami into a city that will be more resilient and liveable for years to come. I am a CPA, and I enjoy biking, scuba diving, and living in Miami.

Parliamentarian: Jeff Staugler

Jeff Staugler

Jeff has been a Miami resident for over 8 years. He works in project management for the travel industry. Jeff formerly volunteered for four years at the local Winter Party Festival as Director of Partnerships. He's a proud liberal and progressive.

Director 1: Aaron Bos-Lun

Aaron Bos-Lun

Aaron has lived in Miami for close to a decade, starting as a public school teacher and going on to serve as an organizer, education advocate, and political leader. An AmeriCorps alum, he has worked with numerous progressive organizations United Teachers of Dade and political campaigns from Congress to local councils. He previously served as Executive Director of the Miami-Dade Democratic party, Chair of Engage Miami, and Vice President of the Miami-Dade Young Democrats. Currently, Aaron is the Executive Director of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party. He works with the District 27 Accountability Project holding Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar accountable to the people of Florida’s 27th district, including Miami Beach. He also serves as Director of Youth Organizing for Men4Choice, on the LGBT Victory Fund’s campaign board, the Advisory Committee of the education-focused Nyah Project, and as President of Miami’s Next Leaders.

Director 2: Open

To be filled by Special Election in October 2021.

Director 3: Oliva Fernández

Oliva Fernández

I am a person, an immigrant, and a citizen. I believe in the equality of all people, regardless of their sex, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, creed, or national origin. I fervently believe in tolerance and that tolerance is critical in our diverse society. I believe in the separation of church and state. I believe in the rights of women, and a woman's right to choose over her own body. I believe that education is a basic right. I believe in helping those in need. And that all of us, you and I, have an obligation to those less fortunate. I believe in the environment and its conservation.

Director 4: Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson

As a lifelong Democrat, I am appalled by what is happening to our country under its current leadership. I want to make a difference at the local level by doing all I can to ensure that Democrats are elected up and down the ballot, both here in Miami Beach and in our neighboring districts. I will actively work to get as many voters involved in order to make the changes that are necessary to achieve the goals of the Democratic Party. I have been an active member of the Miami Beach Democratic Club for several years and am anxious to see it live up to its potential. I have been involved in several political campaigns, both local and national, and will continue to try to make a difference in our political climate.

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