Miami Beach Elections 2023 - Get to know the Dems

The City of Miami Beach municipal elections are coming up this year, with early voting starting on October 23, and the last day to vote (AKA election day) on November 7. We will be electing a new Mayor and 3 new Commissioners. Get to know the Democrats who are running for these seats!

Click here to see our Democratic Voters Guide.

Though the City offices themselves are non-partisan, we strive to elect more Democrats in this and in every election. This supports our longer term goal of "building the bench" of good Dems who know how to win.

Below is contact information for each of the Democrats running, so that you can learn more about them:


Michael Gongora
Phone: 305-939-7024
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @michaelcgongora

Mike Grieco
Phone: 305-857-0034
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @GriecoForFlorida

Commission Group 4

Tanya Katzoff Bhatt
Phone: 305-874-0830
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Tanya Katzoff Bhatt Campaign

Commission Group 5

Mitch Novick
Email: [email protected]


Know you know the "who"! Get all the info on the what, when and where on our Democratic Voters Guide!

And thank you for being a reliable voter!


Be informed. Be involved. Be election ready.


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