Club Board Elections 2024

During the past few General Membership Meetings, the Club’s leadership has brought to the attention of members that there will be an election for most of the Club’s Board positions during the March 11, 2024 General Membership meeting.

Below are the positions that will be elected during the March meeting (candidates in parentheses):

  • President (Amanda Knapp)
  • Vice President of Membership & Captains (Gary Martinez)
  • Vice President of Strategy & Administration (Linda Kolko)
  • Secretary (Janet Silverman)
  • Treasurer (Roger Goldblatt)
  • Parliamentarian (Severine Cukierman)
  • Board of Director #2 (Steve Hawes)
  • Board of Director #4 (Tim Johnson)

As you can tell, most of the Club’s Board positions will be up for re-election during this election cycle so it is very important that all dues paid Club members participate in this election cycle. Only Board of Directors #1 and #3 are not included in this election cycle. In order to vote during this election, your membership dues must already be paid as of January 26th, 2024.

All active and dues paid Club members are eligible to run for any of the Board positions. Fortunately, there are Club members who have already submitted requests to serve in all the available positions. If you are interested in running for a leadership position, please send an email with your name, phone number, email address and the position for which you are interested in running to [email protected] & [email protected].

The next communication will introduce you to members who have applied to run for a Board position. If there are questions regarding the election, they can be addressed during the February 12 General Membership meeting or you can send your questions to [email protected].

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