September Phone Bank Contest

The August Primary Election saw Democratic turnout in Miami-Dade up by more than 75% and more than 60% of Democrats voting by mail. We need to build on that success and you can help by phone banking with us. You can even win a prize!



The more voters we contact, the better chance we have of electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and defeating Donald Trump.

So we are having a contest! The Miami-Dade Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) has challenged all clubs and caucuses to phone bank during the month of September with cash incentives for those that make the most calls. We love a healthy competition and we are all in! We will be hosting 2 phone banks every week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, to meet this challenge. And there is even an extra incentive for YOU!

Click here to sign up for the Tuesday phone bank.

Click here to sign up for the Saturday phone bank.


Contest Rules

The contest is pretty simple - the DEC will be providing each participating club and caucus with their own virtual phone bank link to track the number of calls each club or caucus is making. The club or caucus that has made the most phone calls on a weekly basis and overall will receive a cash incentive from the DEC. Any extra cash we win will go a LONG way towards getting out the vote through targeted social media ads, postcards and postage to Democrats across the county and other club activities that turn out Democratic voters (like our recent Biden Caravan!).


How you can win too

The Miami Beach Democratic Club Board of Directors has decided to award a $5 Starbucks gift card (or gift card of your choosing) each week to the club member that makes the most calls and a $25 gift card to a place of the winner's choosing for the member that makes the most calls overall during the contest period. We will announce the results of the weekly gift card winner each Sunday and the overall winner when the contest concludes.


The contest starts on August 30th and runs through September 26th. For us to win (and for you to win) only calls made on the virtual phone bank links provided will count. We have two designated shifts for you to sign up for - one on Tuesdays from 5-7 PM and another on Saturdays from 12-3 PM. We will also have a "virtual field office" via Zoom during our Saturday phone banks so you can check-in, let us know how your calls are going or even troubleshoot. If these times do not work for you, please email [email protected] and we will get you set up for a time that does work for you. The calls we will be making will ensure that Democrats are enrolling in Vote-by-Mail in key precincts across the county.


Sign up for the phone banks here:

Click here to sign up for the Tuesday phone bank.

Click here to sign up for the Saturday phone bank.

As always, we appreciate your dedication and onward to victory in 2020. Good luck!


UPDATE 9/9/2020: We won the first week of the contest! Thanks to all of you who made calls! On top of that, our own Steve Hawes was the individual winner - thought is appears that he had some help!


UPDATE 9/16/2020: We won the Week 2 the contest as well! We barely edged out the Miami-Dade Asian American Caucus who made an amazing run at it with nearly 500 calls! Our club President Matthew Land won the individual category, making over 80 calls!


UPDATE 9/23/2020: We are on a roll and we won again in Week 3! A total of 32 volunteers made close to 1100 calls, which is huge! Thanks everyone!


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