Let's Get Ready to Vote

Are you ready to vote? We've got several important elections coming up, including our local Miami Beach election on November 5, 2019. Read on to make sure you're Ready to Vote!

Over the last week, our volunteers prepared over 400 postcards to voters, reminding them to re-enroll in Vote By Mail before local elections this November.


We want to make sure that Democrats on Miami Beach make their voices heard, this November and in 2020. Read on to learn more about the upcoming Miami Beach elections, and how you can get ready to vote!

Let's Get Ready to Vote!

On November 5, Miami Beach voters will go to the polls to pick our mayor and three of our six City Commissioners, and decide six ballot questions. Local government makes decisions that affect our everyday lives, but local elections tend to have very low turnout. That means your vote can make a big difference!

Miami Beach City Commission seats cover the whole city, so all Miami Beach residents will be able to cast votes in all three Commission races. The other three Commission seats will be up for election in 2021. Commissioners serve up to two four-year terms and the Mayor serves up to three two-year terms (although one of the ballot questions could change that to two four-year terms beginning in 2021).

Although elections for Miami Beach Mayor and the City Commission are non-partisan, there are important differences between the candidates and their respective positions. Join us for a Candidate Forum on Monday, September 23 at the Betsy Hotel (1440 Ocean Drive) to hear from the Democrats running for these offices.


Registering to Vote and Vote-By-Mail

The deadline to register to vote in the General Election is Monday, October 7. If you need to register to vote or update your existing registration, you can fill out a voter registration form at any of our meetings or events. You can also go online to register to vote, update your registration, or simply check your registration. Those who don’t make the regular deadline on October 7 will still be able to vote in the Run-Off Election (see below) if they register by Monday, October 21.

We strongly urge you to also sign up to receive a vote-by-mail (VBM) ballot. If you do, you still have the option to vote in person—bring the vote-by-mail ballot with you to give to the poll workers. (You can also vote without it, so long as they can confirm your VBM ballot has not been received by the election board—and if you do vote in person, don’t send in your VBM ballot!) Starting in 2020, you will be able to drop off your completed vote-by-mail ballot in a secure dropbox at any early voting site.

Whether you choose to vote by mail or not, it is good to have that option because:

  • in case of an emergency—if you get sick or have to go out of town—you know you’ll still be able to cast your ballot
  • you can fill out your VBM ballot at home and use it as a cheat sheet when you vote in person
  • you’ll receive a ballot in the mail every time there’s an election, including special elections, so it’s a handy reminder when it’s time to make your voice heard
  • we know that folks who sign up to receive a VBM ballot are way more likely to turn out to vote than those who don’t

Where to Vote

Early voting will begin Monday, October 21 and go through Sunday, November 3. Early voting will take place at Miami Beach City Hall and North Shore Branch Library. Voters can go to either location, regardless of where they live in Miami Beach. Voting on Election Day, November 5, will take place at polling places in each voting precinct—consult this list to find your polling place. There will be no voting on Monday, November 4.


If none of the candidates in any race receives a majority of the vote, the top two vote-getters will head to a run-off on November 19. Early voting for a run-off will take place on Saturday, November 16 and Sunday, November 17 at Miami Beach City Hall and North Shore Branch Library. Voting on November 19 will take place at regular polling places in each voting precinct.

Voter Protection Hotline

The Florida Democratic Party recently launched a 24-hour voter protection hotline as part of its year-round Voter Protection Program. If you have any concerns about impediments to voter registration, voter participation, or the fair administration of elections, call (833) VOTE-FLA or (833) 868-3352.

Important Dates

  • Monday, October 9: Deadline to register to vote in the General Election
  • Monday, October 21: Deadline to register to vote in the Run-Off Election
  • Monday, October 21 - Sunday, November 3: Early voting period
  • Monday, October 30: Last day to request a VBM ballot for the General Election [NOTE: If you plan to vote by mail, do this as soon as possible!]
  • Tuesday, November 5: Election Day
  • Wednesday, November 13: Last day to request a VBM ballot for the Run-Off Election [NOTE: If you plan to vote by mail, do this as soon as possible!]
  • Saturday, November 16 & Sunday, November 17: Early voting for Run-Off Election
  • Tuesday, November 19: Run-Off Election

We hope you're as excited about voting as we are. If you like what we're doing, please consider making a donation to support our work

See you at the polls!


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