Our 2021 Strategy

Our Board and Leadership Team held a strategy planning session on April 5 to strategize on what we plan to do in 2021. If you'd like to get involved, or just learn about our plans, read on!

We discussed strategic goals for the upcoming City of Miami Beach municipal elections, membership, outreach, voter registration, etc and decided upon a list of action items. Our plans include:

  • Putting on on a candidate forum for the City of Miami Beach elections that are happening this fall
  • Continuing to put on more programming that will highlight various issues that our members are interested in
  • Furthering our outreach efforts in the community
  • Prioritizing voter registration and Vote-by-Mail enrollment and re-enrollment
  • And more!

For a more detailed account of what we discussed, read the minutes from the meeting here.

If you are as excited as we are about the coming year, visit our Get Involved page where we list all the ways you can get in on the action with us! Become a club member or a building organizer, join a committee, or just follow us on social media - all the info is there!

We can and will build a better future in Miami Beach and beyond - thank you for being a part of it!

  • Steven Hawes
    published this page in Blog 2021-04-15 10:33:48 -0400