March 2021 Meeting Recap

Thank you to all who attended our March 2021 General Membership meeting! Read the recap below, or read the full meeting minutes here. Also, don't forget to join us for our April General Membership meeting on Monday, April 19, at 7 PM! The meeting will be on Zoom - register here.


President Matthew Land reported that the DEC is looking to replace the Executive Director position in the next month or so. The DEC is also doing phone banking to call voters that fell off the Vote-by-Mail request and also do a COVID check. There are a number of municipal elections happening around the county that we will be keeping our eyes on. We will be having a strategy session with the newly elected board (see below) soon to chart our course for the coming year.

Interim Secretary Patrick Breshike reported that the club had 136 paid members.

Treasurer Patrick Breshike reported that our current bank balance is $5893.04, with $127.92 in outflows and $105 in membership renewals. We also had a $380 pass through that was collected for the PERIOD drive in partnership with the Miami-Dade Young Dems.

Communications Co-Chairs Oliva Fernández and Steve Hawes reported that our email communications go out to about 4000 people with about a 15% open rate. They noted that we are active on social media, with around 1000 followers on Facebook and Instagram, and nearly 700 followers on Twitter. They also reported that a press conference about the COVID relief bill at the Freedom Tower was held on March 16 at 1:30 PM.

Neighborhood and Building Organizing Chair Aaron Bos-Lun reported that he is having one-on-one meetings with volunteers to “map our assets” by area. Please reach out to him if you are interested in getting involved [email protected].

Outreach Chair Amanda Knapp reported we raised $380 dollars for the PERIOD drive in partnership with the Miami-Dade Young Dems. Thank you everyone who donated. We are looking to participate in the AIDS Walk Miami - stay tuned for future updates.

Program Chair Bill Warren reported we were trying to prepare a COVID update meeting but it looks like that may not happen due to the speakers having to pull out of their commitment. The committee will keep trying for one more week to pull this together and if not pivot to a new project idea.


The club reviewed a resolution regarding the current 2021 Florida Legislative session. The club felt it was an important reminder to our elected officials about our commitment to the Democratic values contained therein. Bradey Seldin suggested adding Legalization of Marijuana to the resolution to encourage more people to get excited about the Democratic platform. The Resolution was passed unanimously.

Read the full resolution here.


We held our 2021 Board elections and here are the winners! There were no challengers for any of the races, so each was declared by acclamation. 

Vice President: Amanda Knapp
Secretary: Janet Silverman
Parliamentarian: Jeff Staugler
Board Director 1: Aaron Bos-Lun
Board Director 3: Oliva Fernandez

We are super excited to get to work with the new leadership team in 2021! Get to know them on our Executive Leadership page.


Our next meeting will be on Monday, April 19 at 7 PM via Zoom. Register for the meeting here and we will see you there!

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