How We'll Win

If you've ever joined us for a canvass, a phone bank, or a postcard-writing party, you know about some of the work we do. But do you know how those simple actions fit together into a larger strategy? This post will tell you how.

**This post is a revised version of the president's report from our July 2019 membership meeting.**

Our goal is to elect Democrats up and down the ballot, from city hall to Tallahassee and the White House. In 2020 we have the chance to make important gains at the county level, and if we run up the margin by turning out Democrats in Miami Beach, we can help turn Florida blue and make Donald Trump a one-term president.

Here's how we plan to do that:

Recruit New Members

Our members are the backbone of everything we do, including voter registration and turnout. That's why we're always working hard to bring new folks into the club. Lately we've been sending postcards to registered Democrats in Miami Beach to increase our outreach, but recruitment is something that everyone can do. It's as easy as bringing a friend (or two!) to one of our meetings or events.

Voter Registration

It's obvious, but it bears repeating: people can't vote for Democrats if they're not registered to vote! That's why voter registration is such an important part of our strategy. We register voters in two ways:

  • by mail, in collaboration with Swing Left and Vote Forward
  • in person, during Days of Action and voter registration events

This includes not only registering new voters, but making sure that voters are registered to vote at the current address with up-to-date information. As we get closer to the Florida Democratic Presidential Primary in March, that will mean helping left-leaning non-party affiliated voters (NPA) re-register as Democrats.

Voter registration also includes signing voters up to receive vote-by-mail (VBM) ballots. Increasing VBM registrations is a key part of the Florida Democratic Party's strategy as we head into 2020. That's because those who receive a VBM ballot are overwhelmingly more likely to turn out than those who don't.

Chart describing how a vote-by-mail ballot request increases voter turnout: 46% without vs. 72% with among new registered Democrats, 47% without vs. 72% with among Democrats age 18-34, 60% without vs. 80% with among Democrats age 35-49, and 76% without vs. 88% with among Democrats age 65+

And remember: if you sign up for a VBM ballot, you can still vote in person. In 2020 you'll even be able to drop off your completed VBM ballot at early voting locations around the county.

Every time we do voter registration, we have the opportunity to educate and excited potential voters about the process. Educated voters are empowered voters, and empowered voters are good for democracy!

Data Cleaning

When elections roll around, a good ground game relies on good data, so we want to make sure that canvassers have up-to-date information when they hit their turf. That's why we're calling voters now to verify their voter information. Keep an eye on our events page for phone banks and other opportunities to help out.

Neighborhood and Building Organizing

This is where all of the above comes together! Neighborhood and Building Organizers reach out to Democrats in their building or voting precinct to make sure that their voter information is up-to-date and that they have everything they need to cast a ballot on or before Election Day. As the friendly face of the Democratic Party, they're a crucial part of building up our grassroots support. The commitment is just a few hours a month—if you're interested or just want to learn more, sign up to be a Neighborhood or Building Organizer today!

The bottom line is: if we want to win in 2020, we need to be reaching out to people today. So join us, and help flip Florida blue!