Write Postcards

We know that voters who receive a mail ballot are much more likely to turn out than those who don't. For example, in 2018 72 percent of Democrats aged 18 to 34 who received a mail ballot turned out to vote, compared to 46 percent of those who did not. That's we're writing postcards to Democrats, encouraging them to sign up to vote by mail!

This round of postcards focuses on County Commission District 5, which includes parts of Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, and Little Havana. We elected Commissioner Eileen Higgins to this seat in a special election in June 2018—now let's get her re-elected!

How many packs of 30 postcards would you like to complete?

Thanks for volunteering to help us send postcards to voters, reminding them to sign up to vote by mail! We'll provide you with 30 postcards, address labels, and stamps. All you have to do is fill them out with a short, personalized message! (We'll provide a script.) You should plan to mail your postcards during the week of May 18. Indicated how many packs of 30 postcards you would like here: